By submitting an application to the Creators Law Brand Accelerator, you expressly agree that you have read and agree to the terms.

Two winners will both be awarded one (1) complimentary trademark attorney service fees from our firm for one (1) text based trademark under one (1) class/category.

Specifically, our firm will:

(1)   prepare one (1)  US trademark Risk/Search report regarding your intended trademark registration name  or stylized logo under one category of goods/services.

(2)       Based off of the research report, prepare and file one (1)  trademark application for one category of goods/service

(3)       the government fee for 1 application (1 class/category to register) is an additional $225 and is not included in this price – it must be provided from you via a written credit/debit card authorization form when the trademark application is ready for submission.

(4)        Carriman Law Group will serve as the attorney of record for the duration of the trademark registration process which typically takes 1-1.5 years to complete, and will take care of any procedural/ non-substantive follow up with the trademark office at no additional cost. Should a procedural issue arise after the application is submitted, a reasonable retainer fee would be shared and dependent on the scope and nature of the issue.

If you are filing as an "intent to use" trademark application (meaning - you haven't launched the business yet), there is an additional required government fee of $100 needed for submission when your business starts operations, which you must be responsible and will not provided by our firm.

Though I cannot guarantee any specific results, I will always guarantee that I will make best efforts to help your endeavors move forward as successfully as possible, and I will not charge you for faxing or first class mail if needed in your matter. Our firm billable hour outside of this hourly fee is $300/hour. You will not be billed for additional time without your written consent.

Winners must provide all relevant info + government fees within 90 days of the request from our firm for answers to initial trademark questions, or their prize will be forfeited.

Statement of Client Rights

A copy of a Statement of your rights as a client has been provided to you and is available here: