What's a Trademark Office Action Letter? And what to do when you get one?

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So...what the heck is an "Office Action" Letter?

In the most simplest explanation possible, receiving an "Office Action" letter from the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) regarding a pending trademark application means that there's a problem with your application - and if its not addressed properly, you could end up with a formal rejection of your application. 


What's the best way to respond to one?

As with all legal matters - you're best bet is to always hire an experienced attorney to help. The trademark law is vast and surprisingly complicated, with heavy risks to the ownership of a federal trademark application if the letter isn't responded to timely and properly.  If you happen to have a "2d likelihood of confusion" refusal, you'll especially need an attorney experienced in this area to provide legal arguments. 


Disclaimer: because -- we have to (sigh):

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