Meet the clients: Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday

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In this installment of “Meet the Clients,” get to know Carriman Law Group Client “Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday,” a travel & music community that produces dance music travel retreats in incredible locations across the world. We had a chance to speak with their co-founder Jennifer Hurst as they get ready for their 10 year anniversary!

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10 Questions with Jenn Hurst, Co-Founder of Mi Casa Holiday

1.Where are you from?

Elgin, IL  and I live in Charlotte, NC

2. Your biggest role model?

My Mother

3. What music track has been in rotation for you lately?

Tasha Cobbs- Break Every Chain

4. Favorite netflix series to binge?

Grace and Frankie

5. Favorite book or website for entrepreneurial advice?

The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

6. In your own words - what IS micasa holiday?

MCH is a life style that represents family, love, community, support, music, dance and travel.

7. what was the inspiration for micasa?

The inspiration for Mi Casa was my love for Mexico and the idea of blending my professional international travel experience with my love for hearing my brother Julius the Mad Thinker's DJ sets at all the amazing parties and events he curated and hosted.  It was a no brainer to blend the best of I did with the best of what he did.  I just needed to figure out how to convince him it was a great idea.

8. It’s been 10 years that you guys have been in business. What are some of your favorite memories?

Witnessing soulful house music truly being a universal language...Having a DJj cry on my shoulder after they just experienced the breakthrough moment of their DJ career at Mi Casa Holiday...Receiveing a text from my mother at 2am asking me  "What time does Chuck Love play?"

9. The 10 year anniversary is coming up! That's incredible. What can folks expect, and is it too late to get tickets?

You can expect an infectious vibe from a super diverse group of 'Holidayers" passionate about travel, music, dance, food, art and culture. It's not too late to join us! Tickets are available at

10. Last but not least: what advice would you have for an aspiring entrepreneur


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